Your Questions Answered


You may have noticed we're making a few changes to the 2019 TOFW tour. And because TOFW has become a longstanding tradition for so many of you (for which we are grateful), we want to explain why.  

Why aren't you coming to (FILL IN THE BLANK CITY)?

We wish we could bring TOFW to every city, every year, but it's just not always feasible. As we plan a new tour we evaluate a host of things including venue access and availability; speaker and staff capacity; and the ability to sell enough tickets to cover the costs of holding an event this size. 

We recognize that some of you don't have as many opportunities to gather and be spiritually uplifted, and it weighs on our hearts and minds. So we are exploring how we could use technology to make TOFW an annual experience for more of you, wherever you live.

As we have in the past we will continue to look at rotating which cities we visit.

Why isn't there TOFG this year?

It's been a tradition to bring Time Out for Girls to many of our TOFW tour cities, but after careful consideration, we have decided to push pause on TOFG for 2019.

We recognize the great responsibility that comes with inspiring and influencing our Latter-day Saint youth and it's important to us that we do it right. This break will give us the opportunity to evaluate and assess how to best serve these remarkable young women.

What is the price structure for TOFW?

TOFW has always existed for something bigger than making money. We exist to lift and inspire faithful women who will in turn influence families and communities. That's why we've always been committed to keeping registration as low as possible. 

In prior years, the way to get the lowest registration price was to register in a group. New for 2019, a group is no longer required to purchase at the lowest price point—everyone gets the group price! We still want you to invite all of your favorite ladies to come with you, but we hope this will facilitate easier registration for each individual.

  • Early bird registration is $69 (up until 30 days before the event)

  • Regular registration is $79 (30 days prior to the event)

Are there changes to the format?

We have one big goal: to create an event with you in mind. Over the years, we've heard a couple of recurring themes. First, that it's tricky to get dinner and get to the event on time. And second, that by the time Friday wraps up, you're exhausted. Additionally, we know lodging has often been a burden. So we've decided to pack more into Saturday to address these concerns. You will be hearing from the same number of presenters and musicians as before so you’ll be getting all the content you’ve enjoyed in the past.

And because we know many of you are local and looking for something to do, we're creating a casual Friday night, "come and go" experience. You'll be able to pick up your event materials, socialize, meet the presenters, shop, and enjoy a special mini-concert or speaker (more details to come!). It will be a fun, relaxed evening.